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Audi’s 2012 RS4 is Ruthlessly Efficient Performance


Efficiency is something all manufacturers, to varying degrees, strive for. Be it in performance, economy or another form, it is hard to obtain and even harder to maintain. The Germans are arguably the most efficient manufacturers of the motor car in the world and Audi is a prime example of this. Their new RS4 literally drives the point home.

With an appearance of solidified aggression, the 2012 RS4 instantly looks like a brute. Those angular hunches are merely a warning, like a dog showing its teeth, that this machine has some serious firepower. Loaded with a 4.2 litre V8 the Avant only model packs a monstrous 450BHP and ruthless figure of 317lb-ft of torque. 0-62MPH in banished in just 4.7 seconds and it wont stop until it reaches 174MPH. Despite all this lunacy under the body you still, at the end of the day, have a practical luxury estate. Inside the leather bathed sports seats sit proudly surrounded in subtle carbon fibre.

Leaner and meaner than ever, the new RS4 hits the open road this Autumn for around £55,000.