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Baby Land Rover to receive FWD


In a world now choked by health and safety and environmental accountability, manufactures find themselves the continuous target for a barrage of bad press. Over the past few years the eco-warriors have been keen to rid our roads of large 4X4’s, and so the obvious target for their blitz has been Land Rover. The British manufacturer that is fabled for producing the world’s most effortless mountain crunchers has been forced to change tack.

A couple of years ago in a bid to make peace with the angered daisy guardians, Land Rover produced a concept named the LXR. This baby of the range was designed to be cleaner, more fuel efficient and less costly in tax than its siblings. It eventually gained backing from the British government and since then the company have quietly been working away on a production variant. The biggest shock to this saga was announced today when Land Rover confirmed that entry level LRX’s will receive front-wheel-drive! Apparently this is to ensure that the 2.2 litre turbo diesel can gain a respectable 136g/km of CO2.

In our eyes this is forcibly evicting the core principles of what a Land Rover should be and clearly shows that the greens are winning the battle for the automotive industry. The production LRX will be unveiled at this year’s Paris motor show with an estimated price tag of £30,000.