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Bahrain Reinstated To 2011 F1 Calendar


Formula One is the worlds biggest annual spectacle as it strides the globe crossing civilizations, continents and cultures. The sports far reaching influence is something that is visible to the either world and so making the right decision for such an event will always be under tight scrutiny. The civil unrest in Bahrain cause the season opener to be canceled but it has now been announced that the race is to be reinstated. Is it the right decision?

Though criticized for being a dull race to watch, the event in Bahrain that pushes this seasons calendar to 20 races could be crucial for deciding this years world champion. Though violence in the country has dropped there are still mass demonstrations ongoing and the teams are uneasy about returning. However this is a sport where money is a key factor and this race will produce a sizable amount of their budget for next years cars.

Pushing back the debut of the Indian Grand Prix, the race in Bahrain will now take place on 30th October.