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BMW 1M Finally Unveiled


BMW’s M branded cars are often a thing of envy. The much enhanced German weapons boast more power, more performance and more exclusivity. The M3 is obviously the most recognized of the range but these days it is so much bigger and heavier than the original that it could almost pass off as an M5. So if we take this evolutionary theory a step further, that means the 1 series is really what the 3 should be. Ah but it’s missing an M flavor! No, wait… It isn’t now.

Named the BMW 1M as opposed to “M1” after the German companies only supercar, this little coupe suits the profile of the original M3 perfectly. The car packs a 340BHP punch and can achieve 0-62MPH in a very respectable 4.9 seconds. The top speed is annoyingly electronically limited to 155MPH, though 500 Nm of torque more than makes up for that. The body is bulging with masculinity with flared wheel arches and grills galore. The only real downside is that it does cost a rather expensive £39,990.