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BMW Gran Coupe Is the New 6 Series


The BMW Gran Coupe concept showed a couple of weeks ago is slated to be the next generation 6 Series. The low slung four-door coupe is designed to have the style and performance of a standard coupe, whilst offering the luxury of a 7 Series.

Sources within BMW have hinted that the new 6 Series will go on sale in Q2 of 2012 and will join competitors such as the Audi A7. BMW and Audi are each other’s opposite numbers as they both offer a similar quantity of models in identical segments, although Audi haven t gone down the “let’s build a car nobody wants” route yet. The cars chassis will be based on the current 5 Series GT, a terrible car but thankfully that component is one of the few things it has going for it, and offer a wide range of 8 cylinder engines paired with an 8 speed gearbox.

So BMW have finally stopped building stupid cars like the X6, oh hang on we have just got news on a new X3. Never mind!