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BMW i Vision Future Interaction Concept is i8 Spyder


BMW i Vision Future Interaction rearThe Consumer Electronic Show, or CES, is in full swing as Las Vegas becomes the most futuristic city in the world. Everything from the now humble smart phone to artificial intelligence is showcased. If you are a fan of the sci-fi genre, you would be forgiven for thinking that the future had already arrived. Some of the technology unveiled is still undergoing development, but something that seems to be almost ready for the public is the autonomous car. The BMW i Vision Future Interaction concept is the self-driving sports car we would want to be seen in.

Whilst the idea of an autonomous sports car is seemingly an oxymoron, after all such vehicles exist for driving pleasure, we can totally see its application. Imagine you own a performance car, something you love to drive, and when you have finished devouring a delicious country road you hit traffic. This situation isn’t going to change for the next 30 minutes and after that you hit a dull motorway. Why wouldn’t you want your sports car to deal with the boring stuff itself? This BMW i Vision Future Interaction is based upon the i8 Spyder concept from a few years ago, only this time without the doors.

This car has three modes; Pure Drive where you drive yourself, Assist mode allows the carBMW i Vision Future Interaction inside to take avoiding action when required, and Auto Mode where the car does all of the work. An illuminated steering wheel goes blue when the BMW i Vision Future Interaction is doing its own thing, but goes red when human intervention is required. Thanks to many of the future technologies onboard the red warning can be given long before the event, and even if the driver does not respond the car will take appropriate action.

A large high resolution display wraps around the cockpit providing an ultra widescreen. Gesture controls means that the user can operate the system much like a touchscreen without actually having to make contact with the surface.

This BMW i Vision Future Interaction is certainly an interesting machine and its technology will no doubt trickle into future BMW. But what about that BMW i8 Spyder? Come on, you know we want one!