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BMW Kill-Off X6 Active Hybrid


It’s rarer and rarer these days but every now and then something goes wrong. So badly wrong for a manufacturer that they end up pulling a product. It’s not a decision that is taken lightly as the cost of development for any car is huge. Sometimes it saddens us when a good car fades off into the pages of history in this way, but not today. No, truth be we are having a party! There is now one less variant of the BMW X6.

The reason for our hatred of the X6 is that it serves no purpose. It’s a 4X4 but by giving it sporty characteristics it is no longer practical nor very good on the rough stuff. Due to its height and weight the car is also undermined in the sporty handling department. The Active Hybrid variant did all this but added not being very economical to its plight. To be honest, it only did a few more MPG than the standard car.

Oh well, it shall not be missed. “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!”