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BMW X4 M40i Performance Crossover Revealed


BMW X4 M40iDetails have been released on the new BMW X4 M40i performance crossover. This latest instalment in the growing list of BMW’s M Performance line cars will team the practicality and popularity of the ever-growing crossover segment with the excitement we have become used to from the German manufacturer’s M line division.

Underneath lives a new 3.0-litre turbocharged inline six engine which is based on the engine found in the X4 xDrive35i which currently sits at the top of the X4 food chain. This means 355 bhp and 343 lb/ft of torque is produced which is enough to get the crossover for 0-62mph in just 4.7 seconds which, BMW claim, is the best in class.

The power is sent through an eight-speed automatic gearbox to a rear-wheel biased four wheel drive system. Improved performance doesn’t come just in the form of power, however. A retuned steering rack, active dampers and stiffer springs amongst other improvements ensure a more controlled and dynamic experience when travelling at speed.

Aesthetics have also changed to distinguish this M model to the standard X4. On the inside there are new sports seats, M badging and steering wheel to give a more sporty and potent feel. There is also a new sports exhaust, 19 or 20-inch alloy wheels and metallic accents on the outside.

Whilst not being an out-and-out M model, the M40i certainly earns is right to be at the top of the X4 range with it’s new looks and greater performance to combine the popular sought after worlds of practicality and speed.