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Bugatti Bargain, Veyron Sold Cheap


The opportunity to buy a Bugatti Veyron is secluded to the richest of the rich and famous. To own one of these biblical engineering achievements is more than just owning 1001BHP, it’s the prestige that comes with it. But even the high rollers who purchase any one of the 300 available still like a bargain as much as the rest of us and so one rather lucky chap went to auction and got one at the knock down price of £625,000.

Now that still puts a Veyron in a another dimension in terms of our budget, but looking on the web now a model that is two years old with 1,600 miles on the clock will still set you back around £795,000. Though the Auctioned car was a 2006 model, that still makes it an estimated saving of at least £120,000! The Bugatti at auction had a total of 631 bidders fighting it out with their chequebooks to take home the keys.

This car is worth every pound and it is certainly one that we are considering to be crowned our car of the decade.