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Bugatti Reveal £1.5M L’Or Blanc Special Edition


Bugatti’s immortal Veyron is coming to the end of its life as the stipulated 350 units enter their final run. All 300 coupe variants are now spoken for including the illustrious Super Sport leaving only the convertible Grand Sport to satisfy buyers needs. As even this car comes to an end Bugatti has released a special one-off Veyron Grand Sport that is nothing but incredible.

This is the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L’Or Blanc and it costs a phenomenal £1,490,280. The name means “white gold” reflecting upon the rarity of this machine. The body is made of porcelain allowing for the incredible effect you can see before you. The interior is also reupholstered to match the unconventional body. We think it looks amazing and a very worthy addition to the closing chapters of a car that made history.