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Bugatti Veyron Black Bess joins the Legends


Bugatti Veyron Black Bess frontSome people say “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” In short, make the best of your situation. If you are unfortunate enough to be in the position to be buying a Bugatti Veyron, and by unfortunate we of course meanBugatti Veyron Black Bess gold ludicrously lucky, you would do well to take into account the companies Legends series. Making the most of your Veyron purchase is the least you could do… Bugatti Veyron Black Bess joins the Legends.

This is the fifth car in the series of very rare variations of the Bugatti Veyron known as the Legends Collection. The Bugatti Veyron Black Bess gets its name from a famed aviator who titled his Bugatti Type 18 “Black Bess” after an English racehorse. Based upon the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesee, this 1,184BHP 8.0 litre beast gets painted carbon, gold detailing and bespoke alloy wheels externally. The interior is pure luxury, as you would expect from a £1.8 million car, with a red leather steering wheel harking back to the original Type 18. Artwork of the original car is also etched onto interior surfaces.

Want one? Well you might have to be quicker than this cars 0-62MPH time of 2.6 seconds if you do as only 3 examples will be produced.