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Chris Evans Quits Top Gear


As the final episode of Top Gear Series 23 and conclusive opinions about the revamped shows direction emerge, Chris Evans has quit. As the front-man for all-new Top Gear his initial appointment was pretty well received. I personally thought his passion for cars was going to be a great fit for this next generation, however, it primarily translated to over excitement on camera. National newspapers ran stories that he didn’t really get on with other members of the cast, but either way, he will not appear in Series 24.

Top Gear Series 23 was a mixed bag with fleeting moments of great TV, but mainly mediocre entertainment. People such as Chris Harris and Rory Reid became popular amongst those who stuck around to watch later episodes. Hopefully the pair will be put centre stage in the future. Matt LeBlanc was surprisingly palatable and engaged the viewers. I think everyone is still scratching their head about why Eddie Jordan was on the show at all. Sabine had her moments, but I think she would serve better as a Stig replacement.

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