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Citroen Aircross Concept Shows the Future


Citroen Aircross ConceptThe Citroen Aircross Concept has been revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show and reinforces the company’s radical design approach in the SUV Crossover market, as first seen in the C4 Cactus last year. Citroen will aim to replicate the success they saw with the Cactus and is the first plug-in hybrid car which they have produced.

Underneath it’s bold exterior lives a 1.6-litre THP petrol engine which produces 218bhp and is paired up with a 95bhp electric motor – which offers 31 miles of driving using the electric motor alone. This power equates to 0-62 mph being dealt with in 4.5 seconds, but a more impressive figure is the claimed 166mpg economy as well as the equally impressive 39g/km CO2 output.

Citroen’s design director Alexandre Malval has said that a production version of this show car is likely to be without the concept’s huge 22-inch alloys and some styling will probably be toned down a bit from what you see here. However, even with these changes this concept is still something you are likely to give a second glance with it’s C4 Cactus-esque styling, a design ethos which is planned to be seen across the range by 2020.

The Airbumps on this concept are set lower to emphasise the car’s broad stance and proportions and is made from honeycomb aluminium and hard rubber. The inside is revealed through front doors and rear hinged back doors, which remains to be seen if this feature will make it to production. In the cabin there are two 12-inch HD touchscreen monitors on the dashboard which offer a range of functions from providing the driver with information to being used for watching films. the content on each screen can be passed from one screen to the other with the use of hand gestures or they can be merged into one monitor. Each of the leather seats comes with built in speakers which amplifies passengers’ voices to help with in car communication. A centre console runs straight down the middle of the cockpit which provides more space and storage as well.

The Citroen Aircross Concept will be available globally but is sparked by the rising interest of the SUV market in Asia and “illustrates the brand’s international ambitions”. Despite this concept not being an exact replication of what we will see on our roads, Citroen’s design plan is clear and with this radically styled SUV on it’s way, it could make a big impact on the market.


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