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Citroen Boosts DS3 Racing Production


They are back! I think it’s about time to call it officially… The hot-hatch wars of the 90’s have reignited with more and more “hardened” models emerging over the past year. Each launch sparking a domino effect with rivals following suit. Citroen re-entered the siege last year with the announcement of the limited edition DS3 Racing. The black and orange ASBO inducer was originally was set for a run of 1000 but due to high demand this was boosted to 2000. But that number is set to increase yet again thanks to the little cars popularity.

The French company are looking to increase output of the DS3 Racing to 3000 cars thanks to even more customers demanding its ownership. The cars 1.6 litre engine pushes out 204BHP but with 203lb-ft of torque it is an absolute riot to drive! That is what a hot-hatch is all about, the thrill of a performance machine but for 25P. Ok, so the Citroen costs a bit more than that but its popularity proves my point.