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Citroen DS3 R3 Ready for First Shakedown


The Citroen DS3 R3 rally car is possibly one of the best looking rally cars to ever grace the rough stuff. However the road cars good looks is the only thing the race bred variant shares as underneath the seductive shell is a 1.6 litre high pressure turbo engine. Last week we showed you a video of this car being tested by rally champion Sebastian Loeb, but test is over and now it is time to see if this car can compete in one of the world toughest sports.

The DS3 will be unleashed later this month for its first competitive stage at the Ulster rally. The car is to be driven by a Citroen Racing development drive by the name of Bryan Bouffier and co-driven by Xavier Pansieri. Will the little car be a champion in the making? Odds are that it will one day be a champion as it is Citroen who has won the World Rally Championship 5 time previously.