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Citroen Has An Art-Attack With New DS3 Special Edition


A few years ago if you thought Citroen then notions of poorly built, underpowered rot boxes would have filled your head. Luckily for the French company these days they are building a much more premium product and their latest hatch in the form of the DS3 was a masterclass in the modern supermini. The design work is especially good to look at but now Citroen have gone a step further  and joined with the fashion designer Orla Kiely to create a special edition.

Now I won’t pretend to be a connoisseur of art but in my eyes what we have here is a perfectly nice looking car with what looks to be fried egg stickers on its roof. You may call it fashion but I call it a bloody mess! Built upon the the DStyle HDi 90 the car comes in four different colours and an array of garish stickers. You also get the option of a contrasting interior dashboard and exterior mirrors but I strongly advise you don’t tick that box on the basis that you will look like an utter berk. All this gains you exclusivity to a club of only 500 other mad enough to pay £2,200 more than the car without the scribbles.

As you can guess we are not big fans…