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Citroen Teases DS9 Super Luxury Saloon


There are no two ways about it. Big Citroens are grade A, top of the line, move over Joker, insane. They give a whole new meaning to being over the top. The C6 is a huge luxury barge with soft suspension and more space inside than some living rooms, but it’s a little dated now. Since it’s introduction Citroen have revived the DS badge and it’s successor has been teased under this name.

To be called the DS9, the palace on wheels is expected to be just as mad as the C6 it replaces. The French company have released a teaser image of the car that clearly shows its vast size. Taking design elements of the Metropolis concept the car is initially to be sold in China only, now Citroens largest market, but should eventually end up in Europe.