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Communism Strikes London’s Motorists With “No Idling Zones”


“The war against motorists is over!” That is a direct quote from a member of British government saying how the previous powers that be had targeted motorists as some form of cash cow and that was to end. There is some truth in that as many speed cameras have been deactivated and the process of removing damaging speed bumps has begun. However we were OUTRAGED when we heard London Mayor Boris Johnson’s plans to rob motorists of what little money they have at every opportunity. I mean yes, we do already see this in the form of the congestion charge but these measures give a whole new meaning to “daylight robbery.”

These days nobody has vast quantities of money and with fuel prices heading skywards along with tax, owning and running a car is one of the most costly things you can partake in. Baring in mind that this supposed war is over, what would your reaction be if I were to tell you that you could be fined for simply sitting in your car with the engine running? Well Boris is going to do just that with new “no idling zones” that include on the spot fines issued at £120 a pop. I am sorry but THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! The world we live in is ever choked with more and more “do’s and don’ts” forging your life for you. It is, in my view, near impossible to live your life how you want and this is yet another nail in the coffin for true freedom. Unfortunately I can kick and scream about this until I’m blue in the face and still nothing will be done, also it is a very long rant that I’m sure you don’t have time to hear. But the point is that we as motorists are being penalized for simply using what is in many cases one of our biggest investments in life.

I’m sorry Boris but we currently pay you your stupid charge to drive on roads we have already paid tax to use. If you continue to steal money out of our pockets I will sit just outside of this “no idling zone” with a V12 Lamborghini and leave it running until every drop of fuel is burnt up! A bit extreme to prove a point? Maybe, but if you think I’m joking you should take a step back and realize that the only people who are laughing are the ones taking your hard earned pounds.