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Costly Carwash, £7000!


Last time I got my car washed it cost about £4.60, not £7,200! Then again the lad from down the road didn’t come with a horde of lasers to clear the grime off the windscreen. A man by the name of Gurcharn Sahota has started his own car cleaning service, but not the bucket and sponge type.

No, Gurcharn uses a series of laser and other high-tech kit to remove every nano-spec of dirt from a car. He often spends more than 250 hours just cleaning one car to ensure it is in better than factory condition when the owner comes to collect their pride and joy. This young man has made quite the name for himself as he doesn’t polish Vauxhall Corsa’s, instead he if flown around the world by the rich and famous to work on specimens such as the McLaren F1, Mercedes-Benz SLR and many more. “If you’re spending £150,000 on a car you want it to be perfect.” Very true, good luck to the chap but I think I’ll stick to the unemployed school boy for my car to be cleaned.