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Cosworth readying Toyota GT86


Cosworth Toyota GT86 FA-20Cosworth are legends amongst those who know their onions when it comes to cars. The power to the people brand brought their racing expertise from rallying and Formula One to some of the most notable road cars of the past few decades. The Ford Escort and Sierra Cosowrth, Mercedes-Benz 190 E Cosowrth and Subaru Impreza Cosworth are all biblical. Now the British team are turning their attention to the Toyota GT86. Cosworth readying Toyota GT86.

The Toyota GT86 is an excellent car, but almost every motoring journalist agrees that it has more potential and could do with a small bump in power. Cosworth may have the answer after teasing a car codenamed FA-20. This performance package has yet to be detailed but from the video an aggressive aerodynamic upgrade and what sounds like a turbocharged engine are set to be in the mix. Other revisions that we expect to make an appearance are uprated brakes, suspension and a race inspired interior.