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Dawn of The iCar


Sorry to disappoint but Steve Jobs has not made a phone that you can drive around in (yet), however BMW is the heart of this story making it a rather interesting one. BMW have been looking for a way to enter the eco-market for a while now and though Mini does offer a platform to work with the German company were hoping to put their logo on it. Conformation of a city car came a few weeks ago and now BMW have giving a name to its future. The i3.

The new sub-brand labeled with the letter i, much like their M cars, will find its way onto some very interesting new models. The previously mentioned small car is to be called the i3 and another model named the i8 will also be available. The i8 will be a production variant of the amazing EfficientDynamics concept of last year. 2013 is when we shall see the iCars in showrooms in Europe. There are some very interesting times afoot…