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Diary of a Motoring Journalist: Part 1


2015 Mazda 2 90ps Sport Nav lightHello folks and welcome to a new little feature we are calling “Diary of a Motoring Journalist.” I am Tyler Heatley, Editor-in-Chief of this fair site, and every week or so I plan to give you a bit of an insight into what goes on inside the world of motoring journalism. Car launches, chats with interesting people, general opinion, needless blabber. It will likely find a home here.

I have been a motoring journalist for a few years now and so attending car launches is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t look forward to them, especially when the car in question has the potential to be a cracker. Last week I went to the UK launch of the all-new 2015 Mazda 2 in Devon. I had never been to Devon before, but it is a very beautiful part of England with some excellent roads. The car was very good, I even managed to bag the keys to the only press vehicle with the optional body kit, and test routes highlighted just what a good handling little hatch the new 2 is. Launches are also a nice opportunity to catch up with other journalist who you might not have seen in a few months. A good dinner with the PR team, the Mazda bunch are great company, and a small drink at the bar before bed was a great way to end day one of that launch.

Dominating the news this week has been the whole Clarkson saga. I have discussed this topic with a fair few journalists now and my opinion is as follows… Top Gear might not be a true car show anymore but it is good entertainment. Jeremy can be a bit irritating at times but he is very much the lead singer of the band. Can the BBC afford to sack him? In my view no they can’t. Should they sack him? It depends upon what he has done of which nobody seems certain. The one million people who have leaped to his defence should maybe wait for an official version of events before storming London in a tank. I’m rather bored of this story now. END.

Inside Lane hit over 7,000 Twitter follows which we are very happy about. A big thank you to each and every reader. We really do appreciate your support! Also on the Inside Lane front, we relaunched our Podcast starting from the clean slate of Episode 1.

Looking forward on my calendar to the next few weeks and I find myself pleasantly busy. A launch with Mercedes-Benz in Northamptonshire, an MX-5 road trip to mark the passing of the MK3 car, a trip to Honda’s factory in Swindon and a new car launch with Ford in Majorca. As I said, busy but pleasantly so. More on those in following instalments.

Have a good week!