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Dodge Teases All-New 2013 Viper


American muscle has its charm. Though as subtle as a sledge hammer, the mighty machines from the USA strike a chord with the child inside all of us. With their angular styling, plentiful power and names only rivaled by fighter jets, muscle cars both old and new are much appreciated. The Dodge Viper has been a crowd pleaser for decades but is no longer with us due to those pesky emissions standards. 2013 brings us a Viper rising from the ashes.

This is our first look at the 2013 car that is said to have some Alfa Romeo inspiration mixed into the traditional “rock and roll” attitude of the Viper. The picture doesn’t give away too much but we can clearly see that it will feature a double-bubble roof. Under that bonnet bulge will sit a brand new V10 but the numbers, for now, are being kept a closely graded secret.