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Driving a Nice Car Doesn’t Make You a Showoff


Ferrari 430 Scuderia badgeToday the sun was out in the south coast of England and so I grabbed the opportunity with both hands to go for a blast down some twisty country roads. For people who genuinely enjoy driving their cars the weather, road conditions and general lack of traffic (presuming you weren’t heading towards the beach) was perfect. However, whilst taking a moment to stretch my legs and buy a refreshing cold drink, I saw an Aston Martin V8 Vantage pull over along with a white van. A passing glance at the Aston revealed it had been rear ended by the van with some damage being done to the bodywork. How very unfortunate I thought, but whilst getting back into my car I overheard two guys laughing. “F**king poser deserves it.” This really annoyed me…

Now, I can understand people laughing at others misfortunes, because sometime it is just funny and I am just as guilty. I can even sort of understand them laughing at this man because it wasn’t their shiny new car that had been hit. No, what really got under my skin was that they presumed that this man was some stuck up show off just because he drives a nice car. What if he simply likes Aston Martins and because he is lucky enough to be able to afford one, I don’t know, went and bought one? I see people shouting similar abuse at others in sports cars with the roof down. Generally people who buy nice cars are good people, but somehow just because they bought a car that they enjoy driving, they have become public enemy number one. Another case today I spotted when a friend shared a link to a newspaper article about a lorry that had crashed into a Ferrari 458 whilst it was parked. The comments from readers where so full of spite and jealousy that it inspired this article. What if that Ferrari owner was a brain surgeon working to save someones life, or a successful businessman who has worked hard all of his career to buy such a car? Yes, there are people who buy such cars simply for the image, but really, as an intelligent species I think such an assumption about every vaguely expensive car you see is unfair.

Hitler favoured Mercedes-Benz, but you don’t call every Mum on the school run driving an A-Class a Nazi do you?