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Fastest Ever Subaru WRX STI Revealed


The Subaru Impreza over the years as gone from snotty Japanese new boy of rallying to urban envy and now resides as a household name with multiple victories to its name in many sports. It has always been a car we have loved for fusing practicality with performance, for example you can take the kids to school yet still be able to enjoy that sweet spot on the B-roads on the way back. The current incarnation is however a hatch and the base model in this form does look like an old Deawoo. 3 years later and Subaru have finally decided to let us have the WRX STI in a favourite flavour again, saloon!

The new WRX is the fastest saloon the company have ever produced and so will do 0-62MPH in 5.2 seconds. The top speed sits at an ample 158MPH and thanks to a new “spec c” suspension the handling is set to be something special. However Subaru has said they have “enhanced the burble” the engine emits, now we do love that noise that is synonymous with cars of this pedigree but only when it’s pure and not a synthesised note. The interior has also been tweaked a little bringing a little more refinement into what is in assents a road legal rally car.

This variant goes on sale this month and will set you back £32,995. It may not win a beauty competition but then again it was never designed to.