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Ferrari 250GTO at 1/50 of the Price?


The Ferrari 250GTO is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cars ever built by the Italian manufacturer. The car with the heritage of the badge and its own that it created through multiple victories’ in racing is worth around £12,000,000 today. Just seeing one let alone owning an example is a rare occurrence and if you did want to do the latter it will cost likely more than you can muster. That is unless you buy this example for 1/50 of the price, a much more manageable £240,000.

How on earth is it so cheap? That is exactly the question I ask and found the answer to be that this 250GTO is a replica. Finished in 1993 and based on a Ferrari 330 GT, this car was handcrafted to ensure that every aspect of the car is close to identical. The interior in a near exact match to the real thing and the exterior is so close that you have to really have to look hard to find the tells. Yeah so if you’re honest you will never own the real thing with this, but passers-by don’t know that…