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Ferrari 458 Challenge Revealed


After months of waiting today is the day we can bring you news of the new Ferrari 458 Challenge. The 458 joins 4 of its predecessors in being used for Ferrari’s one-make race series in 2011. This stripped out racer not only benefits from a smattering of stickers, it also has plastic windows to reduce weight and keep that flab at bay.

The engine remains untouched as if it were straight out of the road car, that said the suspension receives an all new setup and the best Brembo breaks money can buy. Naturally gear ratios have been tinkered with along with the differential but the biggest adjustment comes in the form of Ferrari’s new traction control system. Named the F1-Trac system it monitors grip levels continuously and adjust the rest of the car accordingly in some form of over complicated manner. The new car can generate up to 1.6G around a corner making it a performance racer with serious potential.