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Ferrari 599 Replacement To Get 700BHP+


Nobody makes a V12 quite like Ferrari. The engine that is now a dying breed provides high performance, orchestral soundtracks and the most satisfying feeling when the time comes to really push on. For me A front engined V12 with rear-wheel-drive sounds perfect and that is why I love the Ferrari 599 so much. However next years 599 replacement is to surpass its sibling in every way.

2012 will be the dawn of the 599’s replacement and it is said to be packing more than 700BHP to compete with the ever accumulating “next-generation” supercars. The prancing horse’s aluminum chassis will also keep weight down maintaining that pin-point accuracy from the 599. The car is unlikely to receive the FF’s four-wheel-drive system however the reworked V12 will be very similar to the four-seat supercar.

Roll on 2012, year of the Italian stallion.