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Ferrari F12 TRS Roadster is secret Hybrid


Ferrari F12 TRS Roadster rearFerrari have always sold their road cars on the promise of Formula One technology being filtered into such products. Their latest and greatest flagship does exactly that incorporating hybrid innovation in a manner similar to that of an F1 car. Ferrari F12 TRS Roadster frontWhilst LaFerrari is an astonishing machine, the question is, when will things such as KERS find their way into its other stablemates? Rivals McLaren have already stated that all of their cars will become hybrids over the next few years, so where does that leave Ferrari? A secret project named the Ferrari F12 TRS Roadster might just hold the answer.

Hidden away at the factory is this interesting little pet project between Ferrari Special Projects and its owner who has reportedly paid $4,200,000 for it. Based upon the F12 Berlinetta, the Ferrari F12 TRS Roadster not only loses its roof, but also receives heavy styling revisions. Its V12 engine is now on display and the rear is arguably the most flamboyant we have seen from the prancing horse. However, the most interesting piece of information about this car is that it possesses similar hybrid systems to LaFerrari. No other details have surfaced and unless the owner wants them to be published, it is likely to stay that way.

These images surfaced on ferrarichat.com