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Ferrari Scales Mountains To Prove FF’s Worth


Ferrari vowed never to make a 4X4 jeep of any sort on the basis that it would dilute the brand and stray too far from its core principles. We completely agree and the new Ferrari FF is probably as far “mud plugger” as the world and indeed Ferrari would want to see. The new car has a very dynamic all-wheel-drive system, Ferrari’s first, that allows for the usual prancing horse thrills but in any condition. To prove the point the Italian’s took the FF to the top of a mountain.

Too far for a publicity stunt? NEVER! Ferrari loaded an Italian air force Chinook helicopter with the precious cargo and took it to the top of Plan De Corones a full 2,350M above sea level. The V12 Italian stallion was then unloaded and left to roam free in the white powder. Not once did it get stuck, stall or show signs of struggling. Not bad at all considering that this is a 651BHP supercar.

Well done Ferrari, you have proved your point.