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Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio Enters Production


Ferrari Pininfarina SergioSergio Pininfarina was a genius designer penning some of the worlds most iconic cars. His work with Ferrari in particular is legendary with names such as F40, 360 and Dino owning their form to this man and his company. Sadly in 2012 Mr Pininfarina passed away aged 85. His fellow workers wanted to do something to commemorate his life and consulted Ferrari who gave their full backing. The Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio was the result back in 2012 and a limited production run was toyed with. Now the car has got the green light.

Based upon a Ferrari 458 Spider, the Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio is a beautifully flowing sculpture full of Italian passion. It shares its engine, gearbox and chassis with the 458 meaning that power comes from a 4.5 litre V8. 562BHP sends this car onto a top speed of 199MPH with 62MPH passing by in under 3.4 seconds. This Sergio is over 100KG lighter than a standard 458 Spider. Just six examples of this car will be produced of which all have been spoken for. Pricing has not been published but in 2012 estimates were from £650,000 to £1,300,000.

This is bound to become a future classic and so new owners will no doubt see it as an investment.