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Ferrari Smash Sales Record in China


The prestigious Italian firm is the world’s most recognised brand. The prancing horse that every car bares has become a symbol of extreme performance over its history and people are willing to lay down vast sums to own a set of keys. The recovering global economy is only boosting sales further, not that they every really dropped, and today Ferrari tells us that they have broken their all time record in China.

Considering Ferrari has only been officially exporting their cars to the far away land for 6 years shifting 300 examples in 2010 is a huge achievement. The increase of nearly 50% shows that China is a viable market for the Italians but even more astonishing is that if you factor in sales from Hong Kong and Taiwan China emerges as one of the top 5 international markets for these cars. 2011 will mark the induction of the 999th client in that region and as the number 9 has special significance in China a celebration will be held.