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Ferrari Superamerica 45 Unveiled


Ferrari’s are a symbol of wealth and status on the road. Regardless of whether you value them as performance machines or not the bottom line is that everyone knows what the prancing horse represents. But with places such as Abu Dhabi sporting so many Italian stallions the ultra exclusive models are the ones to keep an eye on. Remember the 575 Superamerica? Well Ferrari have just unveiled the car in its new reincarnation.

Based on the 599 this beauty is called the Superamerica 45 and is a one off built in-house by Ferrari. The roof, much like the 575, is one single piece that folds back or can be stored in the boot when detached. Why the 45? Well the man who commissioned the car is using it to commemorate the fact that he bought his first Ferrari 45 years ago. Other unique features include those delectable chrome/body colour rims, new side vents and revised rear quarters.