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Ferrari to Cut Waiting Times


Ferrari provide the world with some of the most delectable cars to have ever graced the road, but with the prancing horse being the wealthy man’s Toyota it’s unlikely for you to get one any time soon even if you have the cash. You can ask anybody to name the most famous manufacturer of cars and the response will always be Ferrari. It’s this heritage and prestige you get with any car wearing the badge that so many people crave. But if you have just ordered anything other than a Ferrari California you have a minimum wait of 18 months.

Across all of its range be it a 599, 430 coupe or spider, 612 or even the 458 that has been on the road less than 3 months, you are looking at a near 2 year wait. Ferrari can’t keep up with demand but Luca di Montezemolo has vowed to change that. He feels that the extended waiting periods are damaging the fabled Italian manufacturer’s image and worries that customers my look elsewhere. The solution? Well it’s not to build more cars he says, but to build them faster…