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Ferrari Unveils Beating Heart of Next Enzo


About a decade ago Ferrari were on top form. Winning Formula One championship after championship, endlessly raining down their red fury and maintaining dominance. The prancing horse was on top of the world and to exercise their might the road car division got busy. Naming the finished product after their founder, the Enzo was born. It became an instant legend bringing F1 tech to the road. This year Ferrari will reveal the cars successor but today we see its beating heart for the first time.

Again bringing the latest Formula One technology to the track, the new mid-mounted V12 is equipped with KERS. The Kinetic Energy Recovery System harvests power from breaking and the gearbox. This energy is then stored in a battery to be used as a “power boost” as and when requested. Not only does this provide extra power, but Ferrari say that the system makes the V12 engine 40% less polluting.

Whatever the outcome, we can’t wait to see this beast for the first time.