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Fiat 500 Abath 695 Competizione is “Race Car For the Road”


Take yourself back to the late 80’s early 90’s. People didn’t have vast quantities of money to spend on cars or anything for that matter. The supercar was very much out of reach for the average man but in this time a new breed arose to become urban legends. Hot hatchbacks were cheap, a riot to drive and didn’t label you as a pompous git. Well these days people yet again are lacking in money and so it is hardly surprising that we are seeing a resurgence of these little cars. Fiat may have just built one of the best…

With competition high amongst these cars, each new model is only getting meaner in an attempt to win public admiration. The 500 Abath is fantastic but Fiat has now cranked it up far past 11. This is the 500 Abath 695 Competizione; a 1.4 litre, 178BHP, Brembo breaks wearing, sports exhaust equipped, paddle shifting brute. Inside the rear seat have been replaced with a roll cage! Carbon fibre surrounds the new racing seats that will eat you whole. If this little car were a criminal it would wear a straightjacket to bed.