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Fireworks Spark Epic Chinese Grand Prix


Quite simply one of the best races the sport has seen over the past few years! The 2011 Chinese Grand Prix promised much and it delivered by the bucketful. Even before the parade lap the fireworks began as Lewis Hamilton went to fire up his car only to find the engine flooded with fuel. You have never seen a more efficient garage than that McLaren space this morning as 20+ guys stripped down the engine, cleared the fuel and re built it just moments before the race began.

Off the line Mark Webber rose from 18th and battled through the field to finish an astonishing 3rd by the end. It was an inspiring drive from the man down under. Vettel gained a clear lead over the two McLaren’s that at one point came within inches of each other when fighting for position. Massa had a solid drive spending a lot of time up front, however was let down by poor strategy.

The final 10 laps of the race were nothing short of incredible! Lewis hunted down and passed Massa whilst Button tackled the slowing Ferrari as well as Rosberg’s Mercedes-Benz. Vettel’s tyres just couldn’t hack it and in the dying laps Hamilton went wheel to wheel with the German providing the spectators with quite a show. The Brit eased past taking victory whilst pushing the car to the limits. Button took 4th after Webber nipped past to take the podium.

What a race! If you missed it you need to watch it NOW!