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First Drive: 2015 Kia Cee’d


2015 Kia Pro Cee'd frontThe Kia Cee’d has always been a good option when it comes to value for money, but over the past few years the car has matured into something of a thorn in the side for C-segment competitors. With sales building strongly and some very recommendable models in the Kia lineup, this facelift 2015 Kia Cee’d brings changes and enhancements that may further tempt buyers away from their traditional brand of choice. We attended the 2015 Kia Cee’d UK launch at Millbrook Proving Ground to put the car through its paces.

This model year sees new additions to powertrains including a 7 speed automatic transmission. However,2015 Kia Pro Cee'd 1 litre the car we were intrigued by was this Kia Pro_Cee’d GT Line which features a new 1.0 litre engine. Small capacity petrol engines now feature in most manufacturers models and Kia has now decided to join the turbocharged three cylinder party. But can it really compete with Ford’s multi-award winning EcoBoost engine?

In short the answer is yes. Whilst we have to wait until the cars full road test for a conclusive verdict, I can report that this 118BHP unit works rather well. It revs freely and a healthy torque figure of 171Nm means that progress doesn’t feel sluggish. Something that is immediately noticeable about this 1.0 litre is how quiet it is. You can barely hear it at idle and it only really makes itself known when you take it to the redline. Kia claim that in this 2015 Cee’d it will return 57.6MPG.

2015 Kia Pro Cee'd insideThis Pro_Cee’d looks great with its sloping profile being garnished in GT Line trinkets. If you love the way the new GT looks with its snazzy alloy wheels and more aggressive body detailing, but don’t need the go faster punch of a 201BHP hatch, you can now have your cake and eat it. Inside you will find two-tone seats and aluminium pedals. Our test car had Kia’s rather excellent touchscreen infotainment system that is clear and easy to use. The interior overall feels grownup and can defiantly fend off the competition. Rear leg room is good, but those who are of the tall variety might find the cars roofline a bit cramped in the rear. 380 litres of boot space is on offer meaning that this Pro_Ce’d GT Line is not only stylish, but also practical.

Out on Millbrook’s demanding alpine course this car put up a good fight. As the undulating tarmac forged onward, the good levels of grip and accurate steering meant that the new 2015 Cee’d acquitted itself well. The steering could do with more feedback to make the drive more engaging even with the “Flex Steer” system, but the experience was refined and the engine happy to be revved out when the road became interesting. It is an easy machine to drive and certainly doesn’t feel underpowered.

Emitting 115g/km CO2, the new 2015 Kia Cee’d 1.0 litre left a good first impression.