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First Impressions, Range Rover Evoque


With the world we live in becoming increasingly environmentally guilty, pressure has been put on car manufacturers to reduce emissions dramatically. But what happens if all you build are big cars? What if your a brand such as Range Rover? They are not exempt from the wrath of the “green police” and so announced the production of a smaller, yet still premium 4X4. Some feel such a machine corrupts the brands core values, others simply see it as a necessary evolution. Whilst out and about today I got up close and personal with two pre-production Range Rover Evoques…

Not available until September you can imagine the shock I got whilst wondering through sunny Bournemouth to find not one but two Range Rover Evoques. I attended the 2008 London motor show where the concept form of this car was unveiled and let me be the first to say that in the flesh it is every bit as impressive. These cars were not the 100% finished product but Range Rover decided to put them on display today to drum up publicity in an area where many pre-orders have been made. The attention to detail on both the coupe and the 4 door was very impressive giving them a premium feel, much like these cars bigger brothers. Everything from the engraved vents on the bonnet to the brushed aluminum inside made the car look and feel very regal.

Packed with all the gadgets and gizmos under the sun, the Evoque impressed with its new user interface, ergonomic wheel layout and general ease of access. The cabins were supremely comfortable and though the coupe was a tad cramped in the rear, the four door could merrily seat four adults. Each seat stitched to perfection and obviously provided ample support in all areas.

Now these being a preproduction models we were not expecting everything to work to 100% and as suspected something broke. The electric opening and closing boot decided to pack-up rather comically as I was recording some video about it but we have been assured that mechanical mishaps are an optional extra Range Rover wont be selling with this car come September.

Overall the Evoque impressed but as to its placement in the Range that question can only be answered when we road test it later this year.