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Five-Door Mini Unveiled


Mini Cooper S five-door rearIn the wild you have to adapt to survive and thus we have have evolution. Many competitive sales environments can be as savage as living in the jungle, but the car industry provides one of the best examples of how companies and products must adapt to what the market demands. Even iconic brands such as Mini must change with the times, hence why we see a crossover in todays lineup. In order to compete with rivals another new variation of the hatchback has been created. Five-door Mini unveiled.

Sprouting a pair of rear doors, the new five-door Mini comes as no surprise after many leaked photos. Adding two conventional rear doors gives the hatchback more practicality that competitors such as the Renault Clio and Audi A1 offer. More rear occupant space is made available by a slightly longer wheelbase as headroom grows also. The boot has an increased capacity of 278 litres. Models include the Cooper, Cooper D, Cooper S and Cooper SD. They are to be powered by a three cylinder turbo petrol/ diesel engine and a four cylinder turbo in the more powerful cars. All of the new Mini’s design features from the three door have been translated to its slightly bigger brother.

The new five-door Mini will go on sale in October.

Mini Cooper S five-door interiorMini Cooper S five-door front