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Ford Debuts EcoSport Fiesta Crossover


The crossover in Europe is now so popular that you would be hard pushed to go through a populated area and not see one. Their high driving position and ample boot space makes them the perfect school run for the those mothers that fear being crushed by a Chelsea tractor. Ford have long been accused of producing a Fiesta based crossover and now the cat is out of the bag.

Making its debut at the New Delhi Auto Expo, this is the Ford EcoSport. Marking up as being similar in size to the Fiesta, the EcoSport uses Fords new design language that we are huge fans of. The bold detailing of the car really does make it stand out, and in a picture with no size reference you could even be fooled into thinking the car is much larger.  The baby SUV is yet another of the blue ovals global cars and is set to reach Europe at some point in the future.