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Ford to Take on Dacia with New KA


Ford KA Concept rearThe Ford KA has been a sight on British roads since 1996 with the original model being produced for a full 12 years. This first generation car became very popular and sported some good handling characteristics. Though the second generation carFOrd KA Concept front proved not to be quite as popular, it was based upon the Fiat 500 and so retained the keen driving element of its predecessor. Today Ford has shown us what the future holds for the KA.

Shown in Brazil, the KA Concept is orientated towards developing markets and will provide a new entry level to the brand globally. Based upon a heavily modified previous generation Fiesta chassis, the KA for the first time has rear doors offering greater practicality. This concept features Ford’s latest design language including the ovular grill. The company expects to a 35% rise in sales for this segment of car by 2017 and the KA could well be their way of claiming some of those sales.