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Ford Vertrek Concept is a Handsome Brute


The cross-over is an ever more popular segment of the automotive industry giving customers that high stance of a 4X4 without the high running costs. Ford launched the Kuga a few years ago and surprise surprise it was a big success. Mum’s all over the country were seen dropping off kids in their little yet large Ford and so naturally it is a model the company wish to continue producing. The Vertrek Concept gives us our first look into the future.

Likely to become the Kuga’s replacement in some form or another, the Vertrek previous the blue ovals future design language for cross-overs. We like the muscular stance and highly aggressive front grill as the Kuga might have been a good looking car, it wasn’t very adventurous in design. This concept has a 1.6 litre Ecoboost motor with the addition ofstop/start functionality. It is clear that Ford want to promote this cars economy as they describe it as “class leading.” The Vertrek is based on the new Focus platform and in addition to it Ford plans to add a cross-over based on the Fiesta in the near future.