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Formula One, The Pinnacle of Sport


It is THE most watched annual event in the world. 68 circuits in over 34 different countries have hosted it. 47 men have died in its name. Mans unquenchable thrust for speed, performance and outright dominance is embodied in the sport called Formula One.

The men who compete in an environment that is two steps from glory but only ever one from death are of a special breed. They are men who are at the top of their game, men who can literally see an event unfold in slow motion and react to it in a split second. A common misconception is that anyone can do this job, but the fact is the average mans brain can not compute fast enough with drivers making hundreds of adjustments to the car, not including the inputs required to make the machine actually move. The average man is also not fit enough to survive physically without injury for longer than 10 minuets due to G forces equaling those in a fighter jet. Every driver is as fit as an Olympic athlete.

The machines are some of the fastest land based objects on the planet. Speeds of over 200MPH are commonplace and in excess of 140MPH around some corners. More time has been spent developing Formula One cars than has ever been spent on getting man into space. Each car a burnished specimen of perfection. Every nut, every bolt, every thread of carbon fibre designed to be the most potent performance weapon on tarmac. In 2005 teams spent £708,000,000 on the building and development of their cars. Since costs have only increased.

The setting of this almost indescribable event is the global stage. The sport hops from location to location around the world in search of the most demanding tracks to grace the worlds best drivers, cars, mechanics, designers. Each country revolving around Formula One until it passes on.

Competition is raw testosterone as once those light go out it is every man for himself. Heated battles see unquantifiable measures of bravery as combatants race millimeters from barriers leaving breaking from biblical speeds to the very last nanosecond. The drivers have had to fight for the opportunity to race in F1 since they were just boys, everything that they have become is for this moment. The sport is ruthless with the specter of death rooted within its history, fallen heros of the paddock are no cause to stop the race…

To some these events will simply pass them by and so they continue on without stopping. Other sports may carry more of an interest to them but to those who say Formula One is a bore I do not blame you, I blame your ignorance.