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Formula One To Retain 2.4 V8’s For 2013


The world around us is becoming a greener place with EV’s entering the mass market and heavy taxation of products that fail to show any environmental promise. Formula One to many is the ultimate in motorsport bringing the worlds bravest and brightest together in a battle for ultimate victory. Others however see it as a huge waste of resources and demand something be done about it. They appeared to be getting their way as 2013 was to see the worlds premier motorsport be powered by engines smaller than that in your own car. Thankfully common sense has prevailed.

The original plan was for the sport to downsize from the glorious 2.4 litre V8’s of today to 1.6 litre four cylinder turbo’s. This in our view is pathetic as F1 should be a symbol of performance at its best not speed governed by the green party. Thanks to strong opposition, and a good old elbow to the ribs from Ferrari, these plans have been postponed. The engine change will now happen in 2014 with the induction of V6 power-plants.