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Formula One Valencia Testing Round-up


So it has begun… The F1 2011 season is so close you can taste it and as the first winter tests get underway for this seasons cars we can already tell we are in for quite a season. This past weeks events have been filled with thrills, spills and occasional fire.

It kicked off on day one with the majority of the field unvailing their new cars. Though many have their own unique features the one generalization that can be made for all of them is that the rear section of the body has become very minimalistic. As the car trundled to the track in order to gather data on the new tyres it was current world champion Sebastian Vettel who topped the time sheets and stayed their for the rest of the day.

Day two was full of surprises as Robert Kubica setting the fastest time of the day in his new Lotus-Renault GP car. However it was Massa who caught the head lines as an oil leak led to a fierce fire in his Ferrari F150 and ended the day for him.

The following track time was spent torture testing the new Pirelli rubber as many are saying this conservation of the tyres will be key this year.