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Forza Friday #3


It has been a while since our last Forza Friday post so I’ll begin with a “sorry” for that. However I do have a gift for all of you that I shall talk about later. So, what’s new on the simulation we know and love? Well some rather exciting DLC has just hit the game bringing the total downloadable car count up to 80! Hats off to Turn 10 who have really kept their promise of giving us downloadable content every month. The Cult in the pack we found particularly admirable as once it’s loaded with AWD and tuned into D class we established that this pint size Evo can punch well above its weight. Both Mercedes are remarkable as the Power comes in a never-ending avalanche and the McLaren MP4-12c is sublime.

Now last FF I promised you a hard-core racer in the form of an R8 LMS, and you shall receive it by searching both in paint and tuning market places for “ILFF3”. THIS CAR IS NOT FOR BEGINERS and is not an easy thing to drive. You must be precise in your driving to get the car into the correct operating window to achieve maximum performance.

Now for my “sorry we were busy” gift. We have created a McLaren MP4-12c that is both a riot to drive thanks to perfect balance, and a car capable of setting some speedy lap times. “ILFF4” is all you need to search and you will know exactly what I mean.

Have a good week!