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French Connection, Peugeot 308 GT


These days there is a strong case to argue that the classic hot-hatch is dead. Oh we long for the days where the cheap, basic yet immensely fun, hatches could offer the same amount of adventure as any Ferrari for an eighth the price. But now thanks to health and safety these cars have got bigger, fatter and extremely dull due to the sheer amount equipment they are now required to carry. Peugeot used to be king of the hill back in the day and now they are attempting to climb back up that slippery slope.

The Peugeot 308 GT may still be as obtuse as the base model but with the power cranked up to 200BHP we are expecting the lardy Frenchman to a swift rather well. Other than the extra power that has been screwed from the engine, the lion doesn’t offer anything of sustenance. Some carbon fibre on the rear bumper, chrome exhausts and new seats are the perks of the GT. In fact from what I’m reading the French company don’t appear to be confidant in their product as they are adding the extra enticement of a free phone. Who uses a mobile phone to sell a car?