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Future Classic Cars you should Buy Now


Ferrari 512 TestarossaIn our line of work we are asked from time to time “what classic car should I buy?” which roughly translates into “what is a safe bet in terms of value.” Well, sorry to disappoint, but in the world of car valuation trends come and go like the wind and so there is no silver bullet as to what will be the next Ferrari 250 GTO. That said, looking at current prices within the market there are a few future classic cars which might just be worth placing a bet on. Better still, they are all cars that you could get some use out of whilst their value remains relatively unchanged. After all, nobody wants to buy a trailer queen, not really…

Here are the cars we think will continue to become hot property over the next few years:

Any Air-Cooled Porsche 911

These car are riding a wave all the way to the top with prices increasing by the day. There is a fear that this might be a bit of a bubble waiting to burst, but industry experts say that classic 911’s, up until recently, have been undervalued.

Peugeot 205 GTI

Still seen by many as THE hot hatchback to own, this little fighter represents Peugeot at their best. Prices are starting to rise again with the renaissance of fast French cars of todays show rooms, so itPeugeot 205 GTI would be wise to get a clean example whilst they are still a reasonable price.

Ferrari 512 Testarossa

If you want to live your Miami Vice dreams you had better move quickly because the Ferrari 512 Testarossa is a proven success story at auction last year. Aim for a well looked after early car (denoted by only having one wing mirror) and remember that running a V12 Ferrari flagship isn’t nesiisarrly your cheapest option.

Honda NSXHonda NSX

Those in the know are well aware of what an astonishing car the original NSX is. Pairing Ferrari beating performance with Honda reliability, this was the first supercar you could genuinely live with everyday. The 2015 NSX will no doubt spark collectors into action wanting to own the pair. Now is defiantly the time to buy. Future classic? Undoubtably!

MK1 Mazda MX-5

Are the other cars in this list a bit too rich for your wallet? Well, here is an investment you can get onboard for relatively little investment. The MK1 Mazda MX-5 with its pop-up headlights is a little charmer. If you can find a clean, unmodified, rust free, UK car that is pre-catalytic converter you are almost certainly going to make a profit.

MK3 Toyota MR2

The MK3 Toyota MR2 is a lightweight, two seat sports car that puts performance before practicality. Its frankly ridiculous boot put many buyers off. However, this car is mid-engined and a Toyota MR2 MK3convertible meaning that it drives like a dream on a beautiful summers day, just be carful in the wet as they have a tendency to be a bit of handful. Right now these cars are dirt cheap, but with the MK2 cars quickly going up in value, the MK3s will not be too far behind. Find one with its detachable metal roof and enjoy it for a year or two, odds are this will be another profit maker. In fact, I’m so sure of it that I have just bought one myself!