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GM and Honda Working Together to Bring Hydrogen Cars to the Road for 2020


Honda FCX ClarityThe world will run out of oil. FACT. Though scientists can’t exactly put their finger on when, it is an inescapable truth that this fuel will not last forever. It is already very difficult to extract the black gold that powers almost everything around us as you can see from ever rising petrol and diesel prices. So what will we do? The world is so dependent on the energy provided by oil, particularly in motoring, that we simply can not do without it. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and so Honda and GM are going to work together to produce a production car that runs on the stuff.

These two motoring giants have some of the worlds leading R&D departments so by putting their heads, patents and cash together they aim to have a hydrogen powered machine in production by 2020. Honda have already produced a hydrogen car in the FCX Clarity, however, its production costs do not lend it to be very financially viable. Both General Motors and Honda aim to use economies of scale to reduce the total price a consumer would pay.